Amesbury School - Stage Two Construction Underway

Construction of Stage Two of McKenzie Higham Architects’ master plan for Amesbury School has begun!

The addition of a new ‘central hub’ building housing nine highly-configurable learning spaces will allow the school to grow to accommodate an additional 200 students. While the site will be fully hoarded off, the school community will be able to closely follow the progress from viewing windows as it rises above the construction barriers.

In 2012 McKenzie Higham Architects’ award-winning design of the new Amesbury School championed the then-innovative education environment concept of shared flexible-use learning studios. It has been rewarding to revisit this project, and work with the school and the Ministry of Education to enhance and build on these original ideas and design the next phase for the school’s development.

Check out our virtual 'walk through' of the school as it will be, on YouTube.

McKenzie Higham Architects_ Amesbury School Stage Two_Central Hub Rear Elevation
McKenzie Higham Architects_ Amesbury School Stage Two_Learning Studio
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