Kāpiti Performing Arts Centre – A Community and College Partnership

Kāpiti Performing Arts Centre, located at Kāpiti College, is taking shape and due for completion this summer.

McKenzie Higham Architects was originally commissioned as design lead after winning a design competition for the project. The original concept morphed from a design just for the school, into a facility tailored for both the wider community and the College.

Preparing the site has been no small undertaking, with a small hill and two houses moved to make way for the new building. The project's main contractors, Multibuild, have completed building the impressive precast concrete and steel superstructure required to provide the large span of the spaces and desired acoustics.

The centre will provide 21st-Century innovative performance arts learning environments for the school’s music, drama, and dance faculties. With contributions from Kāpiti District Council and community groups, it will also offer a professional 330 seat auditorium and theatre for the Kāpiti area.

The stage will be one of the largest in the Wellington region with professional lighting, audio, specialist flooring and a theatrical flying system. The community are currently planning performances to celebrate the centre’s opening early next year.

Kapiti Performing Arts Centre Work in Progress
Kapiti Performing Arts Centre Work in Progress Exterior
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