Tawa Memorial Unveiled

This project is proof that a strong will and perseverance can make things happen. Local Tawa resident and historian Bruce Murray's commitment to erecting a memorial to ‘those from Tawa who lost their lives in the cause of peace’ became a 10 year endeavour that we have been a willing partner in throughout.

The memorial was finally unveiled by Wellington Mayor Justin Lester and student leaders from Tawa College and Tawa Intermediate School on 22 April 2017, a stunning autumn day in front of a big crowd. It sits on the edge of Grasslees Reserve, at the end of Oxford Street in Tawa where during the ‘minute's silence’ the only sounds to be heard were the babbling of the Porirua Stream and the call of a raucous tui.

It seems that the dream of a tranquil place to reflect on the lives of the 13 young men remembered here has finally been realised.

McKenzie Higham Architects' design team contributors over the ten year period include Laura Cooke, Mark McMillan and Callum McKenzie. The project was constructed by Maycroft Construction.

Tawa Memorial Team
Tawa Memorial Opening Ceremony Band
Tawa MemorialPlaques
Tawa War Memorial Opening Ceremony
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