Welcome to our Newest Team Members

We’re very pleased to welcome Mark Wilkinson (L) and Paul Hermann (R) to the McKenzie Higham team.

Paul Hermann – Design Graduate
From a family of DIY enthusiasts and industry professionals, Paul's immersion within the field of construction and engineering has given him a pragmatic, ground up approach to Architecture.  Alongside his study at Victoria University of Wellington, Paul has built up a range of hands-on and technical experience with over six years in varied roles within the industry.

Mark Wilkinson - Architectural Graduate
Mark recently completed his Masters' thesis through the Victoria University of Wellington School of Architecture. It considered how architecture can enable people to overcome negative memories or associations embodied in buildings or sites, for example how to re-inhabit a socially sensitive place like an ex-prison. Mark is already contributing his strengths in digital design and architectural visualisation across a range of our projects.

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