Welcome to the McKenzie Higham team

A warm welcome to two new members of the McKenzie Higham team: Ekta Nathu (L) and Jesse Duncum (R).

Ekta Nathu - Architectural Graduate
Ekta has recently graduated from Victoria University of Wellington with a Master of Architecture (Professional) with Distinction, her thesis addressed the question ‘How might architecture create more equitable learning environments for high school students?’ She has a focus on making architecture more inclusive and a particular interest in architecture for education. Ekta brings a passionate and enthusiastic approach and we look forward to her engagement in our work.

Jesse Duncum - Senior Architectural Technician 
Jesse has over 15 years of experience on a broad range and scale of projects in New Zealand, Australia and England. He is an ArchiCad specialist, and his technical knowledge and proficiency make him a great addition to the team.



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