Central Terrace

Contemporary classic

Originally built during the 1920s – like many houses of this period, our client’s home was not ideally suited to their growing family and lifestyle, they wanted more space inside and a much better relationship to the outside. Our design met this need, seamlessly adding to the existing villa, creating a comfortable modern family home.

An existing sizeable basement provided the opportunity to excavate and create a second lower floor. This incorporated three bedrooms, a bathroom and a laundry which allowed for larger living areas, a guest room and a main bedroom upstairs.

A generous outdoor deck was added at the lower level to create another family space and the existing front entry, previously small and dark, was upgraded to create a grander and much more appropriate sense of arrival.

Respecting the house’s original design was a priority, by careful balancing of proportions and appropriate details, the result is an elegant blend of old and new.

Project Location - Kelburn, Wellington, NZ

Central Terrace Entrance
Central Terrace Bedroom Overlooking Deck
Central Terrace Bathroom Details
Central Terrace Indoor Outdoor Flow
Central Terrace New Deck
Central Terrace Landing Detail
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