Wilton Road House

A new sense of family connection

A focus on simple design can often provide the best solution in a potentially complex situation.

Our clients recognised that their property had the potential for a second smaller home that they could occupy themselves. This would then allow one of their children and their young family to move into the old family home.

The new home had to be accessible, energy efficient, low maintenance, respectful of the neighbouring houses and make the most of views and sun. The two houses needed to be close enough together for the families to feel connected, but also maintain enough separation for privacy and a sense of space.

The project needed to achieve all this on a very small site on the side of a hill. The solution was a simple two story form cut into the side of the sloping site. Concrete floors, high levels of insulation and appropriate orientation to the sun allow the house to stay warm and light without the need for excessive heating. Cedar cladding provides a low maintenance exterior that will grey over time and let the building nestle into its tree covered site.

Our clients are delighted with their comfortable new home and the strong sense of family connection it enables.

Project Location - Wilton, Wellington, NZ


Master Builders Gold Award - Housing Winner 2010

Wilton Road House Side Profile
Wilton Road House Exterior
Wilton Road House Outdoor Space
Wilton Road House
Wilton Road House Staircase Detail
Wilton Road House Outdoor View
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