Amesbury School - New Learning Spaces

We recently had a great whole practice visit to the newly opened McKenzie Higham designed learning spaces at Amesbury School. 

The new central 'hub' building houses nine highly-configurable learning spaces split over two floors and is the second stage of our involvement with the school. In 2012, our award-winning design for the new Amesbury school championed the then innovative learning environment concept of shared flexible-use learning studios.

Construction of this Stage 2 new building started in 2019 and its progress has been eagerly watched and anticipated by students and the school community. The building integrates some lively design components that really engage with their target audience - a climbing wall, the colourful stairwell that doubles as sociable seating, and 'the cave' a cosy enclosed spot under the stairs.

There is also 'the nest' - a compact space especially designed as a low stimulation space that will be fitted out to cater for specific student needs.

We hope the students and staff enjoy the new spaces as much as we did!


McKenzie Higham Architects Amesbury School 2
McKenzie Higham Architects Amesbury School 3
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