Te Aro School - New Learning Studios Complete

Te Aro School's new flexible-use learning studios are complete - students will begin 2021 in a fresh new space.   

Te Aro School’s new block is broken into two studios, each comfortably accommodating up to 60 children within a series of generous, flexible workspaces. The breakout rooms around the periphery can be opened or closed off, allowing for multiple configurations and learning opportunities. The learning studios are separated by a cheerful yellow 'project space' complete with kitchen, that will be the heart of the school's 'garden to table' program that encourages children to grow, harvest, prepare and share fresh, seasonal food gathered from the adjoining school gardens.

There is a strong connection with the outdoors, with sliding doors to covered verandahs, gardens and the playground. Large windows allow a view of surrounding established trees and a glimpse of Wellington City.  The interior colours are sophisticated - grey and blue enlivened with bursts of yellow, whilst the exterior's echo those of the existing school campus.

Excavations for foundations unearthed an interesting discovery, a well shaft circa 1860 from the Terrace Gaol one of Wellington’s earliest gaols, that occupied the school site from 1854 to 1925. The location is now marked with a bronze plaque.





McKenzie Higham Architect Te Aro School Learning Studio
Te Aro School Well Plaque
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