Welcome to the McKenzie Higham Team!

A warm welcome to our two new McKenzie Higham team members: Sam Low (L) and Caryl Ramos (R).

Sam Low - Architectural Graduate
Since gaining a MArch (Prof) from Victoria University of Wellington in 2016, Sam has gained a variety of experience, primarily in residential projects. He brings strong visualization and graphic design skills, and his range of experience in community and social advocacy work will add a fresh perspective to the practice.

Caryl Ramos - Architectural Graduate
Caryl is an experienced Architectural Graduate having worked on residential, commercial and multi-unit projects since gaining her MArch (Prof) from Victoria University of Wellington in 2018. She has strong ArchiCAD skills and is passionate about architectural design creating sustainable spaces that contribute to a higher quality of life. Caryl is also a keen architecture and landscape photographer.

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