Medical Facilities

Balancing Function and Comfort

McKenzie Higham Architects has extensive experience designing medical facilities, both alterations of existing premises and new builds.  While every medical project is unique with its own site, budget and specific requirements and constraints – there are some common design considerations. Balancing the need for practical functionality with the human experience of the space is essential.

Facilities need to be highly functional and allow provision for the required technology. Consulting rooms must be ergonomically efficient, and administrative staff need a well organised workspace with adequate light and storage. Waiting areas need to be suitable for the community they serve and built from practical and robust materials.

Above all, the spaces must be pleasant and comfortable. Some people are anxious or uncomfortable visiting medical facilities, an environment that is welcoming and pleasant will make them feel more relaxed.

For staff, a well-designed space to take time out in is essential. In a busy and demanding work environment a relaxing staffroom is a significant plus, ensuring staff also feel valued.

Project Locations - Newlands Medical Centre, Paraparaumu Medical Centre & Porirua Union and Community Health Service

Paraparaumu Medical Centre Entrance
Porirua Medical Centre
Porirua Medical Centre Patient Waiting Area
Porirua MedicalCentre Entrance
Newlands Medical Centre Practice Rooms
Newlands Medical Centre Reception Desk
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